Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Prom dress!

Sorry about the long time no see! Even though exams finished a couple of weeks ago I have been chock a block with work experience and other commitments, but now I am FREE. For now anyway, which means I have plenty of sewing time. I haven’t stopped sewing by any means, it’s just finding time to take pictures but I am determined to succeed.
Anyway, now onto all the important stuff. It was my year 11 prom on wednesday, and of course I had to make my dress which has been in progress for the last couple of months, right up until an hour before I left. It was squeezed from 3 metres of dusky pink satin along with a clutch to go with the outfit. More about that in another post.

The dress consisted of a fitted bodice and gathered skirt, with a lace covered collar and waistband/belt. I felt that the collar didn’t quite work, and that the dress was better off without it so that idea was binned.

I ended up wearing the flower crown that I made and curling my hair with straws inspired by the video from cute girls hairstyles.

The waistband/belt was attached by 3 rows of hooks and eyes. The bow at the back was a last minute adjustment.
I used an invisible zip, but as it was white it went completely against the point of an invisible zip so I handpicked it to make it as less visible as possible.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the end product and I got lots of compliments throughout the evening. I think I did achieve the simple, classic look I was going for so that’s good.

Sorry about the ridiculously small photos. I’m trying to figure out how to make them bigger without them getting all pixalated Please bear with me.
Thanks for reading,
Lauren x


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